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A monthly round-up of the technology you need to know. We read it all, you get the best!

A monthly round-up of the technology you need to know. We read it all, you get the best!

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May 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - What they can do with your data, the police are blasting Disney, the history of Windows startup sounds, and more!

A MUST-WATCH! I've been a fan of John Oliver's comedy for a while now. He always offers humorous opinions on current events on "Last Week Tonight". This is an episode you have to watch. John Oliver discusses how much data brokers know about us, what they’re d…


April 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - Chrome security, how Alexa works, a molecular beverage printer, and more news, tips, and fun!

Speaking of a step back, just what did we do before YouTube? Oh yeah, those stacks of old dusty video happened 17 years ago this month that was either eventful or not really a big event at all - depends on how you see it. On April …


March 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - "They called to help" - plus Chromebook software, tips, news, and more!

This is interesting, in light of Meta's "universal language translator" efforts. In January 1954, IBM fired up the first computer translator. Here's part of the press release, and you can read more if you think it's interesting. The machine, the mighty IBM 70…


February 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - Smart home and phone news, useful tools, fun, and the iPhone at 15!

Well, we're moving right on through the year. February is often that "doldrum" time of year in technology. The holiday season is over, the Consumer Electronics show is done, new products aren't on the market yet. Never fear - we've got some great articles thi…


January 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - live your best digital life in 2022, plus news, tech history and more!

Need a calendar or two? If you missed my holiday mailing list, drop me a line and I'll send you a sweet fridge calendar with a beach picture for every month of the year! Just respond to this e-mail with your mailing address.


December's Digital Life from Lökwest - Zelle scam, dog phone, three sites to bookmark, and more!

As we close out 2021, a big thank you to all of our followers and supporters this year. It's been a pleasure helping you keep your digital life in order. It's also a privilege to join your inbox every month to keep you up to date on the best developments in t…


November's Digital Life from Lökwest - 25K to 57 billion! Plus the metaverse, holographic TV, tips, and fun.

This month, I ran across this little mind-blowing comparison of where we've come in computer chips. Thanks to Ken Shirriff (@kenshirriff) on Twitter for this!


October's Digital Life from Lökwest - Facebook outage, new products, new Windows, tips, and more!

In case you forgot, here's what we did before Facebook! 🙂


September's Digital Life from Lökwest - hacking defense, phone news, long reads, and an Alexa soap dispenser!

August 24, 1995Kicking off one of the largest product launches in technology history, Microsoft releases the highly anticipated Windows 95. More than one million copies will be sold in the first four days of its release.Wanna see Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer …


August's Digital Life from Lökwest - Digital Wellness, windows in the cloud, a giant cat, and more!

The Common Sense Digital Academy is based on our popular tech talks. You can walk through courses at your own pace from a web browser or on your phone via the Gurucan app!Take Get Your Inbox to Zero or Manage Your Passwords Like a Boss! for only $29 per cours…


July's Digital Life from Lökwest - Windows 11, gadgets, streaming TV, and Lego magic!

The lazy days of summer have arrived, but the technology updates continue! We hope you had a safe and relaxing Fourth of July weekend, and are looking forward to a nice July.This month's big update was the announcement of Windows 11. Microsoft says it will ar…


June's Digital Life from Lökwest - we're back in person, plus news, scam updates, and more!

I have been fully vaccinated for COVID since May 23rd. After a long hiatus, I am now accepting in-person appointments again. If you have technology items on your list that you put off during the pandemic, now's the time to catch up! For availability and prici…


May's Digital Life from Lökwest - Common Sense Tech Academy, service updates, tips, and fun!

The Common Sense Digital Academy is here! We took a survey early in the year, and the majority of the respondents said they'd take an online course with us. We've been working behind the scenes and have two courses ready for your enjoyment. More courses will …


April's Digital Life from Lökwest - a free presentation, plus tech news, tips, history, and updates from Mars!

Keeping up with technology of all types, let's check in on our little friend Perseverance over on Mars! 🙂


March's Digital Life from Lökwest - tech in 2021, save on your phone bill, your picture on Mars, and more!

The A14 chip in the new iPhone can do about 11 TFlOPS according to Apple. The green line is how much computing power that little phone has. If released in 2009, it would have made it to the list of top 500 supercomputers in the world! It has more computing po…


February's Digital Life from Lökwest - text scam alert, a tip you can't miss, CES updates, and the home of the future!

This year's big show was 100% virtual. Outside of the annual $50000 huge TVs, here are a few interesting highlights:


January's Digital Life from Lökwest - COVID scam alert, Mac tips, heath updates, and the tale of the butt-less pajamas!

I'm planning a series of Zoom Technology Talks this spring. Watch out for your inbox for details soon. In addition, I plan on making several of the tech talks available in course format this year.Do you have a tech topic you'd like to learn more about? Just r…


December's Digital Life from Lökwest - tech shopping, news, security ideas, and more!

Yep, prior to 1882, if you had a Christmas tree and someone told you to light it, you'd strike a match and proceed to the candles. 😮 Hopefully, you didn't have a dog, cat, kid, or inebriated family around! 🙂From Today in Science History: The long-standing tra…


The Digital Life - November 2020 - Tech to improve Senior life, amazing AI, product announcements, and more!

We're moving into the final months in 2020. Whatever the holidays have in store for you, we hope you stay safe and healthy! Normally we'd be writing about all the November Black Friday deals. But this year, most of the Black Friday deals have been dispersed i…


The Digital Life - October 2020 - new Amazon devices, iPhone tips, aging in place, and more!

I've thought about live and pre-recorded courses, thanks to your feedback. I've decided to start giving live tech talks via Zoom. These talks will feature a variety of practical topics. No matter your skill level with technology, you're bound to learn a tip o…