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October's Digital Life from Lökwest - Facebook outage, new products, new Windows, tips, and more!

It's been another exciting month in the tech world. Facebook revelations in Congress and the whole Facebook system going down, new products from Microsoft and Apple, a new version of Windows, and much more.We've got you covered on what you need to know! Plu...


September's Digital Life from Lökwest - hacking defense, phone news, long reads, and an Alexa soap dispenser!

As we close the summer and wind down the Yacht Rock, it's time once again for an edition of The Digital Life. This month's lead story is an article we composed after we helped a client recover from a hack. We hope it provides you with some tips on hacking t...


August's Digital Life from Lökwest - Digital Wellness, windows in the cloud, a giant cat, and more!

August is here, the Olympics are in full swing, and it feels like summer! Hopefully, your summer is going well and you're getting your share of vitamin D! 🌞🌞This month, introducing our new Digital Wellness Practice, in partnership with Michael Roham, medica...


July's Digital Life from Lökwest - Windows 11, gadgets, streaming TV, and Lego magic!

The lazy days of summer have arrived, but the technology updates continue! We hope you had a safe and relaxing Fourth of July weekend, and are looking forward to a nice July.This month's big update was the announcement of Windows 11. Microsoft says it will ...


June's Digital Life from Lökwest - we're back in person, plus news, scam updates, and more!

We're coming to you a bit later this June, but thanks for tuning in anyway to catch up on some of the best-curated tech news around!This month, we're announcing the return of in-person appointments and reminding you of our new online school. Then, catch up ...


May's Digital Life from Lökwest - Common Sense Tech Academy, service updates, tips, and fun!

Thanks for deciding to read the best-curated tech newsletter around! This month, we've got a big announcement. After some behind-the-scenes work, our Common Sense Tech Academy is live! We have two courses available now, with more to follow. If you're missed...


April's Digital Life from Lökwest - a free presentation, plus tech news, tips, history, and updates from Mars!

Welcome to April. If you celebrated Easter weekend, we hope it was a safe and relaxing time. Now that we're back into springtime full swing, let's catch up on the tech news for the month, shall we?In this issue, catch up on what we've been up to with Workin...


March's Digital Life from Lökwest - tech in 2021, save on your phone bill, your picture on Mars, and more!

We're glad you're back for another edition of The Digital Life. March is here, and while we're still remote, we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, this newsletter finds you feeling the same! Many of our clients are already vac...


February's Digital Life from Lökwest - text scam alert, a tip you can't miss, CES updates, and the home of the future!

Another month of 2021 is under the belt - it must be time for some freshly curated tech news! Our featured article this month is a little thought piece I wrote recently while optimizing websites. You may be surprised what you learn about life rather than co...


January's Digital Life from Lökwest - COVID scam alert, Mac tips, heath updates, and the tale of the butt-less pajamas!

Welcome to 2021! Although it appears we have a few challenging months ahead, there's much to look forward to this year. In the technology world, our biggest convention of the year, CES, has gone virtual. It's kicking off next week, and you'll want to watch ...


December's Digital Life from Lökwest - tech shopping, news, security ideas, and more!

As another year comes to and end, we're closing it out with some great reading for you! (always curated with care 🙂) It seems like we didn't curate as much in November with the lengthened holiday specials and other news items taking precedence. However, we ...


The Digital Life - November 2020 - Tech to improve Senior life, amazing AI, product announcements, and more!

We're moving into the final months in 2020. Whatever the holidays have in store for you, we hope you stay safe and healthy! Normally we'd be writing about all the November Black Friday deals. But this year, most of the Black Friday deals have been dispersed...


The Digital Life - October 2020 - new Amazon devices, iPhone tips, aging in place, and more!

Back once again - the best technology news, tips, and fascinating tidbits to your inbox. Curated over the course of the month, we only pick the best of the best for you to read. What made the cut in October?In this issue, read about Amazon's big hardware an...


September - The Digital Life - News, Tips, Advice, and more

Another Labor Day is coming, another summer closes (in the northern hemisphere at least) 🙂 You've got a long weekend of lounging coming up, so we've got some interesting reads to go along with it!For starters - learn about AI generated text and how good it ...


The Digital Life from Lökwest - August 2020

The summer rolls on and we're almost into fall! Probably the biggest tech article of the month was the Twitter hack. In this issue, we've shared a good analysis on the "what ifs" of this attack. Fall is also new phone season, with Google announcing this yea...


The second half of 2020 - here are some things to know!

Welcome to the second half of 2020. Let's hope we see some improvements over the first half huh? 🙂 As cases ratchet up again in California, we've been busy behind the scenes helping and coaching people remotely. A big highlight this month was supporting our...


The Lökwest "Digital Life" - June 2020

Welcome back to The Digital Life. We hope you're settled in for the start of this unusual summer. Despite ongoing health concerns, there's still time for relaxation and a few interesting projects! We'll keep bringing you articles to keep you informed and i...


The Lökwest "Digital Life" - May 2020

Here we are in another month of the "new normal"! We hope this e-mail finds you well and sane (relatively) 🙂 While it appears things are starting to level off and open up again, we're still not out of the woods. Stay home - stay safe - save others who may b...


The Lökwest "Digital Life" - April 2020

What a difference a month makes! Yesterday marked 1 million diagnosed cases of coronavirus world-wide. And how many more infected? 😥 Before we start, we're praying and rooting for all those affected by the current situation. Thanks to everyone that's out t...


The Lökwest "Digital Life" - March 2020

With all the virus and election news, what do you say about a newsletter full of tips, tricks, and some good news you can use? We've got you covered!In this issue, two new apps that will help you stay informed and fix devices, a new GPS shoe insert, an upda...