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April 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - Chrome security, how Alexa works, a molecular beverage printer, and more news, tips, and fun!

April 4 · Issue #61 · View online
The Digital Life
Happy Monday and welcome to April. Although I’m writing on April Fools, there aren’t any jokes today, just some great news, tips, fun, and tech history.
Before we get started, it was a busy month at Lökwest. We produced a 4-day Zoom conference and videos mid-month. We also worked on several websites and social media accounts and helped a lot of clients with their frustrations!
In particular, I’d like to highlight a new website we helped launch: Picture Shows of Your Life. I’m proud of how it came out, and know Christine’s Picture Shows will be even better! Do you have a story to tell and the pictures and videos to back it up? Christine Barone will set you up with an awesome, custom Picture Show. Check it out!
Back to the issue - this month, we’ll start with the news. For one, you need to update your Google Chrome browser. Then, read about the creator of the GIF and about Apple’s new plans. After the news, some tips and fun - from how Alexa works to a molecular beverage printer to a drive around Beijing. And don’t forget tech history - what happened 17 years ago? And was it momentous or not?
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Oh, and if you have a tech need - you know who to call! 😉

Your Top News Stories
Google Chrome patches mysterious new zero-day bug – update now!
Stephen Wilhite, the creator of the GIF, has died
It's Pronounced 'Jif' not 'Gif'
Apple (AAPL) Working on Subscription Service for iPhones, Hardware
Interesting Things of the Month
Alexa is always evolving — and we spoke to Amazon to learn more
New data: Top movies and coding music according to developers
Mr. Robot: Official Extended Trailer - Season 1
The Big Tip
How To Organize Your iPhone Photos Once and for All
A Little Spring Fun
A 'molecular drinks printer' claims to make anything from iced coffee to cocktails
Drive and Listen
A cruise around Beijing
A cruise around Beijing
98.js - Windows 98 Online
In tech history...only 17 years ago
A real piece of history 😂
Speaking of a step back, just what did we do before YouTube? Oh yeah, those stacks of old dusty video cassettes…
Something happened 17 years ago this month that was either eventful or not really a big event at all - depends on how you see it. On April 23, 2005, the very first video was uploaded to YouTube. You’d think it would be something momentous. What was it? “Me at the zoo” (watch above, and judge for yourself)
Where does the time go?
Note to future entrepreneurs: what you do may be for posterity. Choose wisely. 🙂
In Closing...
With all of the bad news and uncertainty globally, I wanted to keep this e-mail upbeat. But, we do have a final message:
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