August 2022 - your car seat subscription, the speed of hackers, smart home updates, and the ultimate paper airplane!





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August 1 · Issue #65 · View online
The Digital Life
It’s August already! Seems like only yesterday it was July. 🙂 We hope your summer is going well. To keep your reading list stocked, check out our carefully curated articles of the month.
In this issue, start with a read on how software is changing car options into subscription features. Then, continue with your security education. We’ve shared a scary study on how fast hackers act, plus a warning about government data collection from the ACLU.
Moving on, do you like the idea of a smart home but are intimidated by setting up and managing devices? Enter Matter and Thread, the new standards that should take most of the pain out of it. Read on to see the “threads” on what’s really the “matter”.
Lastly, a little fun. In tech history, check out a cool site showing the evolution of user interfaces. It’s sure to jog a memory or nightmare. We’ve also included articles on how AI predicted the structure of every protein known to science, info on the JWST’s hard drive, and the ultimate guide to building the optimal paper airplane. ✈️ Oh, and don’t forget to ask RBG a question!
Before we leave you - speaking of the James Web Space Telescope, you’ve likely seen the image below. However, you probably haven’t taken the time to zoom in on the full resolution. Click the image below to appreciate what this piece of engineering can really do! (we promise, no RIck-rolls this month🙂)

Feature image from the JWST. You HAVE to click and see/zoom into the full resolution version to fully appreciate this device!
Coming to your next car - a subscription
BMW introduces a new heated seat subscription in the UK
Apple eyes fuel purchases from the dashboard as it revs up car software
So, you think you're secure?
Hackers scan for vulnerabilities within 15 minutes of disclosure
New Records Detail DHS Purchase and Use of Vast Quantities of Cell Phone Location Data
Matter and Thread and your smart home
Amazon wants every smart device to work with Alexa, and says Matter will help it do that
What is Thread and how will it help your smart home?
Wow, that's interesting
Protein folding: DeepMind AI cracks biology's biggest problem
The James Webb Space Telescope is capturing the universe on a 68GB SSD
Fold 'N Fly » Paper Airplane Folding Instructions
Tip of the month
Google Chrome OS Flex is now available for PCs and Macs
In tech history
Windows 3.0 ca. 1990
Windows 3.0 ca. 1990
This month, take a look through the history of computer interfaces in this well put together website. You’re sure to bring back some memories.
The History of User Interfaces
In closing - settle those late summer decisions
Have a pressing decision coming up? Ask RBG AI, trained on every decision the IRL RBG ever wrote. From the website:
“We trained a large language model called Jurassic-1 on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 27 years of Opinions (legal judgments) in the Supreme Court, media interviews, and public speeches. This corpus of text is the basis of the AI’s ability to try and predict what she would respond to your questions.”
What would RBG (probably) say? What would RBG (probably) say?
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