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February's Digital Life from Lökwest - text scam alert, a tip you can't miss, CES updates, and the home of the future!

February 2 · Issue #47 · View online
The Digital Life
Another month of 2021 is under the belt - it must be time for some freshly curated tech news!
Our featured article this month is a little thought piece I wrote recently while optimizing websites. You may be surprised what you learn about life rather than code from this article!
Then, take time to read about a new text scam and what you shouldn’t do with your new iPhone. We’ve also included a new article on the new Samsung phone (it’s cheaper this year), and a tip worthy of a sticky note.
The biggest electronics show of the year, CES, was virtual this year, but that didn’t stop us from picking out some highlights for you. Closing out, let’s take a step back to yesterday’s home of the future. And don’t forget to watch for upcoming details of my next Zoom talk in February.
Thanks as always for tuning in!

[FEATURE] From our blog
Life lessons learned from optimizing websites Life lessons learned from optimizing websites
Two important alerts
If you get a text message for a free year of Netflix, you’re being scammed
Apple: Keep iPhone 12 and MagSafe Away From Medical Devices
The new Samsung phone is cheaper this year!
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Is Here: Polished, and at a Lower Price
A tip worthy of a sticky note
How to Take a Screenshot on Almost Any Device
From the Consumer Electronics Show
This year’s big show was 100% virtual. Outside of the annual $50000 huge TVs, here are a few interesting highlights:
Masks, disinfectants, air purifiers and touchless technology are CES 2021's answer to COVID-19
ColdSnap is the Keurig of Soft-Serve Ice Cream Makers
Here are the robots taking the virtual stage at CES 2021
Boston Dynamics robots getting down
In tech history...the home of tomorrow!
Now that we’ve talked about the future of tech from CES, let’s look back at the future of tech in the 1950’s. This classic 10 minute video will have you both laughing and amazed. Although the “micro-fiche” recipe screen part-way through is hilarious, it’s not too far off from the Echo Show or Google Home. Enjoy the “Westinghouse All Electric House” 🙂🙂
The Westinghouse All Electric House (mid 1950s)
Join the next Zoom talk
You can be one of the cool kids like the video above. All you need to do is sign up for my next Zoom discussion. This month, I’ll be reviewing “the Cloud” again. Despite most people using cloud computing every day, it’s still a nebulous term for many (yuk yuk). If you’re still confused about where you’re storing your things, how to clean up the cloud, and more, stay tuned.
I’ll be sending an e-mail announcement with more details soon!
Incidentally, here’s a representation of what “the cloud” looks like in real life:
Photo by Ismail Enes Ayhan on Unsplash
Photo by Ismail Enes Ayhan on Unsplash
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