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March 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - "They called to help" - plus Chromebook software, tips, news, and more!

March 2 · Issue #60 · View online
The Digital Life
Welcome back to another edition of great reads, news, tips, tech history, and more! This month, you’ll want to read our featured article from WIRED. It’s very relevant as one of my clients was hit last week with an attack like this. Luckily, we caught it in time.
In the news, read a little about the cyberwar aspects of the current conflict in Ukraine. Also in the news - the metaverse, powering your home with your electric truck, and universal language translation.
For fun, how about turning an old computer into a new Chromebook for free? Or, checking on where Elon’s space Tesla is?
Then, check out our tech history, also all about language translation. It’s a blast way back to 1954!
Have a great March, and don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can do for you!

Featured - A long read worth reading!
They Were ‘Calling to Help.’ Then They Stole Thousands
Intelligence, information warfare, cyber warfare, electronic warfare – what they are and how Russia is using them in Ukraine
Report: By 2026, it's predicted 25% of people will spend an hour per day in the metaverse
F-150 Lightning Power Play: First Electric Truck To Enhance Your Home Energy Independence
Meta announces plans to build an AI-powered ‘universal speech translator’
Here's a great tip and a little fun
Google Announces Software to Turn Old PCs and Macs Into Chromebooks
SpaceX Launched Elon Musk’s Red Roadster 4 Years Ago—Where Is It Now?
In tech history...speaking of translations
This is interesting, in light of Meta’s “universal language translator” efforts. In January 1954, IBM fired up the first computer translator. Here’s part of the press release, and you can read more if you think it’s interesting. The machine, the mighty IBM 701:
Release date 1952: (70 years ago)
Vacuum tubes: 72
Introductory price: $12,000 a month rental charge / $15,000 a month per 40-hour shift (That’s $127K/month rental and $157K/40 hours in 2022 dollars 😮)
Units shipped: 19
It was a far cry from your smartphone! That thing on the right - a punch card reader.
IBM 701 Electronic analytical control unit (source: IBM)
IBM 701 Electronic analytical control unit (source: IBM)
New York, January 7….. Russian was translated into English by an electronic “brain” today for the first time.
Brief statements about politics, law, mathematics, chemistry, metallurgy, communications, and military affairs were submitted in Russian by linguists of the Georgetown University Institute of Languages and Linguistics to the famous 701 computer of the International Business Machines Corporation. And the giant computer, within a few seconds, turned the sentences into easily readable English.
A girl who didn’t understand a word of the language of the Soviets punched out the Russian messages on IBM cards. The “brain” dashed off its English translations on an automatic printer at the breakneck speed of two and a half lines per second.
“Mi pyeryedayem mislyi posryedstvom ryechyi,” the girl punched. And the 701 responded: “We transmit thoughts by means of speech.”
“Vyelyichyina ugla opryedyelyayetsya otnoshyenyiyem dlyini dugi k radyiusu,” the punch rattled. The “brain” came back: “Magnitude of angle is determined by the relation of length of arc to radius.”
“Myezhdunarodnoye ponyimanyiye yavlyayetsya vazhnim faktorom v ryeshyenyiyi polyityichyeskix voprosov,” the girl tapped out. And the computer translated: “International understanding constitutes an important factor in decision of political questions.”
More than sixty Russian sentences were given to the “brain” altogether. All were translated smoothly in a demonstration performed jointly by Georgetown and IBM as a phase of IBM’s endowed research in computation.
IBM Archives: 701 Translator
In closing, stay safe!
If the featured story scared you, it may be time for a security check-up! We’re happy to help you with security or any other digital questions - in person or remotely. Just check out our site,, or book here!
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