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May 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - What they can do with your data, the police are blasting Disney, the history of Windows startup sounds, and more!

May 2 · Issue #62 · View online
The Digital Life
It’s your favorite time of the month again! We’re back with another round-up of interesting reads about your “Digital Life”.
This month, we’re featuring three items about your personal data. It’s alarming to see how much anyone can find out about you with a few clicks and a few dollars, thanks to Internet data brokers. John Oliver did a must-watch piece on it. We’ve also included an article about what can be done with your data and a story with an alternative view of the future where data helps you.
Read on for news on Twitter’s acquisition and why the police are suddenly Disney fans. Then dive into interesting stories on AI’s bad jokes and tech for the visually impaired. To entertain you - try to spend 100 billion dollars and study a map of the Internet.
This month’s tech history section is for the audiophiles and covers the sounds you’ve heard thousands of times.
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Also, if you have any concerns about your personal data or digital security, we’re always here to help.
Have a great May!

[FEATURE] Who can access your personal information?
A MUST-WATCH! I’ve been a fan of John Oliver’s comedy for a while now. He always offers humorous opinions on current events on “Last Week Tonight”. This is an episode you have to watch. John Oliver discusses how much data brokers know about us, what they’re doing with our personal information, and one….unusual way to change privacy laws. (warning, some coarse language) 🙂
Data Brokers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
American Phone-Tracking Firm Demo’d Surveillance Powers by Spying on CIA and NSA
'The Memory of Tomatoes,' a short story from an alternate future
In the news...
Twitter accepts buyout, giving Elon Musk total control of the company
Santa Ana police under investigation for playing Disney songs in bystander video
AI sucks at telling jokes — but it’s great at analyzing them
Envision Glasses for the Blind Can Read Documents, Scan Faces, Aid Navigation
Can you spend Bill Gates' money?
Map of the Internet 2021
In tech history...the Windows startup sound
Go listen to this podcast about the Windows startup sound’s history
Bonus video - You won't believe this acapella group who nails Windows sounds
In closing
Nothing to do with tech, nothing to do with war. Just a recommendation for a smile. If you have Netflix, check out the show “Old Enough”. TL;DR - In Japan, it’s customary to send toddlers out on their first errand as a sort of rite of passage. This Japanese TV show Hajimete Otsukai (my first errand) has filmed these errands with a hidden camera for 20 plus years. Needless to say, hilarity often ensues 🙂
You Need to See This Netflix Show About Japanese Toddlers Running Errands
Hajimete Otsukai (My first errand)
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