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September - The Digital Life - News, Tips, Advice, and more

September 1 · Issue #42 · View online
The Digital Life
Another Labor Day is coming, another summer closes (in the northern hemisphere at least) 🙂 You’ve got a long weekend of lounging coming up, so we’ve got some interesting reads to go along with it!
For starters - learn about AI generated text and how good it is, social media bias and how it leans, and why you won’t have a TV in the future.
Then, how about tips? We like tips! Refresh yourself on how to backup your phone, get some tips on Mac shortcuts, and dictate a letter to Microsoft Word.
If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got advice! TV advice, a Ring doorbell comparison, and apps to help your mental health. Closing out, the tech history tidbit and updates on your survey answers.
Have a great Labor Day and September!

News to ponder....
OpenAI’s language generator has no idea what it’s talking about
Instagram 'bug' heavily favored Trump content over Biden for months
Why projectors could be the future screens of smart homes
The tip round up
Microsoft Word can now transcribe your conversations on the web
The Best Ways to Back Up Your Smartphone
Mac keyboard shortcuts
Advice and more...
TCL’s latest 6-Series Roku TVs move up to mini-LEDs, start at $650
Is it time to replace your old Ring Video Doorbell with the latest?
Take care of your mental health with these apps!
In tech history...remember Archie?
You probably don’t remember Archie, unless you were in university using an FTP (file transfer) system. 30 years ago, the first Internet search engine, Archie, was launched. It was used to index FTP archives to make finding files easier. However, as the technology for the World Wide Web was not invented until later in the year, it was not the first web search engine. (W3Catalog and others came online in 1993, and Yahoo didn’t come along until 1994 - see history)
Fun fact - my “OG” Yahoo e-mail address has been in existence since 1994 😮
Thanks for responding
A big thank you to all those who answered the survey last month on pre-recorded online courses of tips and tricks. It was very insightful into planning. Here are some findings:
Most of you would spend 15-30 minutes learning a lesson, and think a good value course would be 2-3 hours at a $29 price point. It was encouraging that most would be interested in the sample topics I provided. I heard loud and clear that splitting up the content into shorter lessons is key.
Stay tuned on more updates this fall as I continue to pursue options!
I’m leaving the survey open for now, so if you would still like to weigh in, please do!
Online Course Survey
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