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August 6 · Issue #41 · View online
The Digital Life
The summer rolls on and we’re almost into fall! Probably the biggest tech article of the month was the Twitter hack. In this issue, we’ve shared a good analysis on the “what ifs” of this attack.
Fall is also new phone season, with Google announcing this year’s lineup. Samsung also announced, but didn’t make the newsletter, and Apple is announcing next month. Look for shiny new phones and discounts on existing models soon!
We’ve got some great tips this month, including what Napoleon knew about e-mail and how to browse better. We’ve got some medical technology news. Spoiler alert - if you’re older and have had problems with online medical appointments, you’re not alone!
Finally, a few fun things to look at - Google search history and how the cops track your phone for starters.
There’s sure to be an article that piques your interest! If you love our newsletter, share it with friends. If you really love our newsletter, book us for an online digital coaching appointment!
Until September……

Let's start with some news
Twitter's big hack bares broad dangers
Phishing attacks aim to steal sensitive data by prompting people to renew Microsoft subscription
Google announces Pixel 5, Pixel 4A 5G, and Pixel 4A all at once
How about tips? We like tips!
Email Lessons from Napoleon Bonaparte
Zoom adds silly filters and more noise suppression options
These 10 essential browser tweaks fix the web’s biggest annoyances
Healthcare and tech updates
Older adults have a hard time accessing virtual health care
In-Car Pulse Tracking Could Let Your Car Call A Doctor
We can't forget the fun!
What America Searched for on Google, Over the Last Decade
Bill Gates-backed Likewise Puts Apps on Android, Amazon Apple
How Cops Can Secretly Track Your Phone
In tech history...the first re-run
Way back when, all radio and TV was LIVE - even the commercials! It wasn’t long before someone had the idea to pre-record content for playback later. The deck above was the size of a washer/dryer combo and in 1938 radio station WQXR in New York City broadcasts a program using a tape recorder for the first time. The tape recorder used was the Phillips-Miller recording system, also known as Millertape, invented by James Arthur Miller.
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