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July 2022 - The Digital Life from Lökwest - security articles, Apple updates, speak with the dead, and beat the Fed!

July 5 · Issue #64 · View online
The Digital Life
We hope you had a great 4th of July holiday weekend! We had great weather in California, but don’t worry - we still found time to bring you the tech news you can use! 😎🌞
We asked - you answered. Thanks for answering last month’s survey. To get you started this month, we have three great reads on security - how to opt-out, a tale of Tik Tok caution, and what not to do with your data. In the news, we have Apple’s latest announcements, a smart contact, and 988.
Don’t stop reading there! Do you want to talk to a deceased loved one or have a better customer service experience? There were two interesting developments in voice-changing technology this month.
Lastly, we’ve got some entertainment - try to beat the fed, then see your point in history. When you’re done with that, check out the future of remote work from 1979 and a 100 mph basketball hoop, plus your bonus streaming schedule.
Whew! That should keep you busy until our next issue - we’ll see you in August!
P.S. We coach businesses and individuals in everything digital, including building websites. Here’s a site I put up in June for Joe Sorrentino, a long-time client. Check out Joe’s website and his upcoming book, “God, ADHD, and me: A Veteran’s Journey”

Joseph Sorrentino – Veteran – Consultant – Author Joseph Sorrentino – Veteran – Consultant – Author
Survey is in
Thanks to those who responded to last month’s survey about the newsletter. Overall, you like the topics, length, and frequency, so we’ll keep it up! Here are the survey results on which topics you’d like to see more of. As you can see, the top responses were security and safety, followed by entertainment and purchasing gadgets. So, to get you started this month, here are three security articles.
Which of these topics would you like more information on? (choose one or more)
Which of these topics would you like more information on? (choose one or more)
Full List of Data Broker Opt-Out Guides: How to opt-out of the internet
FCC Commissioner urges Google and Apple to ban TikTok
What not to do with your data...
In the news...
WWDC 2022 recap: iOS 16, new MacBook Air, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and more
Mojo Vision Shows Off Functioning Smart Contact Lens
Beginning in Mid-July, Dial 988 for the Mental Health Hotline
In the voice (changing) department...
Amazon's creepy feature makes Alexa mimic the voice of a dead person
That agent who sounds like they’re from Paris, Texas? Try Paris, France
Have some fun
Can you beat inflation?
Point in History
In Tech History
The year is 1979. The BBC does a remarkably prophetic feature on the future of remote office work. You’ll get a laugh when you look back at how far we’ve come.🙂
From the BBC Archive:
Luke Casey examines the impact of the microprocessor in the workplace. Already, the adoption of word processors and text editing software in offices has been shown to provide massive efficiency boosts. Could sophisticated networking systems - using existing telephone wires to allow microprocessors to communicate with one another - spell the end of office work altogether, enabling employees to work effectively from home?
1979: Will WORD PROCESSORS start a HOME WORKING revolution?
In closing...when you can't miss
What to do when you’re a basketball fan and an engineer with too much time on your hands? Guarantee you can’t miss with a hoop that moves 100 mph, thanks to six electric motors with 50 horsepower in total. Move over LeBron!
I made a 100MPH flying hoop
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