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June's Digital Life from Lökwest - we're back in person, plus news, scam updates, and more!

June 10 · Issue #51 · View online
The Digital Life
We’re coming to you a bit later this June, but thanks for tuning in anyway to catch up on some of the best-curated tech news around!
This month, we’re announcing the return of in-person appointments and reminding you of our new online school. Then, catch up on the latest technology news, an update on digital crime, and more! Finally, listen for yourself to see if we’ve found the real Alexa, and hear Robert DiNiro speak flawless German.
There’s exciting technology to read about every month, so we hope you enjoy this issue.

Onsite appointments available
I have been fully vaccinated for COVID since May 23rd. After a long hiatus, I am now accepting in-person appointments again. If you have technology items on your list that you put off during the pandemic, now’s the time to catch up! For availability and pricing, just contact us or visit As always, remote support appointments are available with a wider range of time slots.
Note: A travel surcharge will apply to appointments outside of San Clemente.
Come back to school with us
The Common Sense Digital Academy is here! Based on our popular tech talks, you can walk through these courses at your own pace. The best part is, our school will work in a web browser or on your phone via the Gurucan app!
Take Get Your Inbox to Zero or Manage Your Passwords Like a Boss! for only $29 per course. This includes lifetime course access, access to our curated link list, and special discounts on future services.
We’ll see you in school! 🙂
Digital crime update
RockYou 2021 Breach Exposes 8.4 Billion Passwords: Check Now If Your Data Have Been Leaked!
Beware: Walmart phishing attack says your package was not delivered
Anom app designed by FBI ensnares alleged criminals as police make more than 800 arrests
Technology news
IBM’s Revolutionary 2nm Chip Uses Components Smaller Than a Strand of DNA
Cerebras launches new AI supercomputing processor with 2.6 trillion transistors
Google I/O 2021: the biggest announcements
Not quite ready for prime time, but definitely Star Trek like!
In the voice department
Meet the real Alexa: voice actor reportedly responsible for Amazon’s AI assistant revealed
This AI makes Robert De Niro perform lines in flawless German
In tech history...10 Mhz is top of the line
June 8, 1978 - Intel introduced the 16-bit 8086 processor with clock speeds of 10, 8, and 5 MHz. The 8086 would become the basis for the series of processors used in “IBM Compatible” PCs and the x86 family (later marketed under the name “Pentium”) would dominate the market in the PC era.
Ironically, however, it was the modified 8-bit 8088 processor that was used in the original IBM PC, primarily due to factors that would reduce overall cost. The current line of Intel “Core” processors are still based on the same architecture that was introduced with the 8086.
Let’s compare to 2021. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 - today’s flagship mobile phone processor, has eight CPU’s. One runs at 2840 MHZ, three more at 2420 Mhz, and 4 more at 1800 Mhz.
In closing
It’s finally summer. We’ll see you out there!
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